holistic practitioner kent
My interest into a more natural approach to treating illness in a holistic way started in 1988 when I suddenly had an attack of acute chest pains one day and went straight to the hospital where I was diagnosed with an ulcer. I'd enjoyed good health all my life and always been conscious of eating the 'right' foods long before the 'five a day' concept. Apart from childhood illnesses and the usual seasonal things like colds I'd never been ill. Long periods of stress at work and in my personal life had taken its toll. Medication was prescribed but after a couple of weeks my symptoms got worse and my medication was changed to something stronger. But that didn't help much. My stress levels were way high and the ulcer tablets didn't deal with that. Then a chance conversation with my brother in law pointed me to a simple diet that avoided mixing proteins and carbohydrates and something that simple, which I followed religiously, meant that after three months I came off medication and my ulcer had gone!

This started me on my journey (the only word to describe what I then went through over a period of years) of learning about nutrition and stress-reducing therapies and ways to help me cope better with my life situations. I discovered that although they weren't a quick fix to help illnesses, stress and emotionally based problems they did work over time and hugely helped symptoms. And so my studies and practice developed over the years until I was encouraged by my teachers to show others how to help themselves to a healthier way of living and being. I need to point out here that if you are under the care of a GP or a health professional, I would always recommend you consult them about any complementary therapies you may be considering.

The old saying prevention is better than cure is truer more today than ever before, with organisations like the British Heart Foundation and Cancer UK telling us that degenerative and life-threatening illnesses are at their highest levels ever and and predicted to rise even higher. We may be living longer than our predecessors but we certainly aren't healthier! Twenty years plus ago, Reflexology was greeted with huge disbelief by many people that it could actually help/improve ill-health problems. Nowadays it's a therapy that people use and practice on a regular basis and is recommended by many GP's, hospitals and hospices. Other therapies such as Acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Reiki are nowadays recognised as a means to help ill-health problems, often working alongside conventional medicine, and most cancer units in hospitals will now recommend these and other complementary therapies to help patients and families cope with the disease.

My huge lifelong love for animals means that I've been able to use my abilities and knowledge to help them too. I work strictly within the guidelines laid down in the Veterinary Surgeon's Act of 1966 and ask clients and their Vets whenever possible to discuss any treatments I suggest that may help the situation.

There's a lot of information on this site covering the main areas I work in. Alongside these I am also a member of the Distant Healers Network, the British Society of Dowsers and the London College of Psychic Studies. Please have a look around and email me or you can call me on 01303 210455.