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I'd like to introduce you to Taylor - fearless explorer, my gentle giant, keeper of my heart and our home along with his mother Jemima and his brother Tinker. We've been joined by Simmie. He was a neglected and always-hungry boy who in the summer evenings would often call round for strokes and a bowl of food. Then he decided to move in permanently at the end of September. He weighs little more than a bag of sugar and purrs for England. He's such a joy to have around and I hope he'll be with us for many years to come.

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As well as working with crystals and Reiki energy to help my clients animals, over the years I've also been able to 'communicate' with animals at their level. This has helped the owners understand why their animal has 'issues' and has led to a more loving relationship between them. It helps their animals overcome some of their problems, understand what the root causes are, deal with them accordingly, allow any changes necessary and healing to happen for the good of both. It's a win-win situation...

I'm grateful to the following clients for permission to use their comments. Full case study details are available.
"Hello Carole Ann, Just to let you know that Mikito has sailed through his operation this time. The surgeon says the joint is now very stable, so there shouldn't be any more trouble with it. Mikito himself is bright, eating well (none of the sickness he had with previous anaesthetics) and is putting his mended leg on the ground 99% of the time. It's so different form the previous operations. I put it all down to the crystal healing. It has been wonderful to watch. Many thanks for your kind help with him. He was such a sorry little dog before the first healing session and he hasn't stopped improving since then. I am so grateful." Gloria, Hawkinge.
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"I first met Carole through my husband, who is an equine dentist. He got talking about my horse who I'd been having problems with for about 12 months. Royal is a 15.1hh Leopard Spotted Appaloosa and I've owned him for 8 years. Prior to the last 12 months I've had no problems from him whatsoever. Then for no apparent reason every now and then when we were out hacking or in the school, he would spin very sharply to the right. I did all the usual things - teeth checked again, however he got far worse when someone else rode him or when he was without his field mate Kizzie. This was a real problem as having medical problems myself felt I should sell him, however wasn't willing to sell him on with his problems. To cut a long story short I emailed his photo to Carole & within a couple of weeks his behaviour had changed. For the first time he would come and greet me at the gate. He has always been a very loving, responsive horse but I always had to go to him. After a couple of hands on sessions Carole said that she was getting a pain down the right side of her face and felt that this was where the main problem was, but particularly his eye. Royal's body language when the healing sessions were taking place was incredible. He was very relaxed and licking and chewing the whole time. The result of what she said was that I called out the Vet who diagnosed a cataract in the right eye which was causing the problems on his right side. Because a horse has peripheral vision the cataract meant that he felt unsafe. That was what was causing him to behave the way he did because his site was impaired. The prognosis is not good as Appaloosas are very prone to cataracts and moon blindness, so therefore he will now be retired and enjoy a peaceful life with his only love, Kizzie. Carole confided in me that Royal had told her Kizzie was his strength and his life, his reason for living - another explanation as to why he broke away from a temporary home I sent him to not understanding his behaviour. Thank you so very much." Xxx Sarah, Deal.
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And so, very sadly, goodbye to Tin Tin - much loved and treasured cat belonging to my sister and brother-in-law. For years they showered constant love and care on him handling complicated health issues and never quite believing he was still around. But finally at the tender age of 18 kidney failure decided he would have to leave them, and with it a huge whole in their lives and hearts that's hard to fill.