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Come and learn some exciting things working with crystals in Canterbury City Centre. A few details for you. The EXPAND workshop in September is where you'll learn many new things about crystals you're unlikely to find in books or through other sources. The EXPLORE workshop in October is a practical workshop putting the knowledge you gained into practice. The EXPERIENCE November workshop brings you all the help and guidance you need plus more skills to use. Limited to 10 places as 1-1 tuition is key.

Bookings close on 21st September.
Professional diploma course in Crystal Healing Therapy. A two-year accredited course working to the syllabus set by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations- the lead body for crystal therapy in the UK. www.crystal-healing.org

It's run by the Association of Crystal healing Therapists. The IACHT was established in 1986 and the founder members were responsible for having crystal therapy recognised and accepted as a full complementary therapy registered by the BCMA. It's a practical hands-on course with no formal examinations, individual progress being monitored through continual assessment. It's the only crystal therapy teaching organisation recommended by Judy Hall in her book Crystal Bible 2.
crystal workshops kent
The Power of Crystals. Certificated workshops - working with crystals at many levels. Now in their 8th year. Far from a series of basic workshops, however the level they're set at means anyone who has never held a crystal before to people with a good understanding of crystal energy will learn much. The importance of how powerful crystals can be is vital to understand working with them effectively and safely. They are accredited CPD workshops.
Space Clearing. - creating harmony in your home, workplace and for your own personal space. Includes a special Angelic space clearing, ways to dispel a negative atmosphere, creating alters for specific situations, a daily spiritual cleansing routine, rituals for protection and elements of Feng Shui.
Animal Communication Levels 1 and 2. In two parts with study and on going support and help between each weekend; vital when starting out. Imagine how much closer you would become with your own animals and others if you could understand them and 'talk' to them at their level! This course will mean that you'll never look at animals in the same way again and you'll create an amazing bond with your own and others. All species of animals, birds and reptiles have the same capacity to communicate in the same way, whether it's a gorilla or a guinea pig, a parakeet or a python. You'll also develop your own intuitive and telepathic abilities in the process.
Kent Dowsers Group, West Malling, Kent. Half day workshop and talk about the use and benefits of clear quartz pendulums for clearing and energising your auric field.

May 16th. Email me for more details.